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29 aug. 2010

Hey, Im back! again haha

Hi Peeps,
I've been busy alot since my vacation ended. But this week I promised myself that I would get back on my blog and write every day from now on. First things first, I'm writing in English from now on, because this way I can reach a bigger crowd. If you want me to translate a blog to Dutch because you prefer it that way, just leave a msg. or you can use babelfish, its a translation program you can find thru Google.

Okay back to make-up and fashion.  While I was in Miami I bought alot of make-up products, drugstore and professional. I went crazy because i just wanted to buy all of them, but that would be too much. Hahah. I bought a couple of the Revlon PhotoReady foundations, a couple of fluidliners, blushes, brushes, mascara, and a beautiful limited edition palette of Tarte. Like I said in a blog before, I put my M.A.C. palette together. Finally.
I really have to make pictures of all the make-up products I bought, but I will do that in the days that come. So don't worry about that.
And I guess the best thing I bought is a foundation, which is the right colour, finally! Its the Chanel Vitalumiere, no 50 Naturel, and the Natural Finish Pressed Powder, also no 50 in colour Peach.
Im in love with these two products, because they are the perfect colour for my skin and it really looks natural. I will write a review on both products later this week.
Actually on all the products I bought. So stay tuned for those!

I bought a couple of hair products also, more about those also later this week. I know u guys have waited a long time already, but bare with me, this week I promise I will put everything online! Pictures, reviews, everything.

Another brand which I fell in love is Bath and Bodyworks. Its not make-up, they make/have soaps, handsanitizers, body/handlotions and a whole lot more. I ALWAYS carry handsanitizers with me, I'm phobic for dirty hands so I really need it haha. And I like all their smells, from fruits, to weather smells. I went crazy in that store. More about that too.

Okay babes, I will stop right now, duty is calling again. Don't forget to read my other blog also. I will be posting everything that isn't about make-up there. Its more about my daily experiences and stuff like that.

We will meet up in a few again,

xoxo, V.

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