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30 aug. 2010

Expect the Unexpected; Catrice New Collection

Today I was in Kruitvat, (its a drugstore like Walgreens) and I was able to see the new LE collection. Im not really blown away by this collection. Maybe its because I was blown away by their last collection and kinda bought almost all the make-up.

Here's a picture of the collection:

Like I said, this collection is kinda disappointing. The packaging looks cheap especially the eye shadows and the blush. The colors aren't all that so I did not buy them. I swatched them in the store, but the pigmentation is kinda bad too. And the nail polish colors, well I've seen them all.

I did buy the glossy lipsticks, two of them the purple and reddish one. I don't have a lot of lipsticks, because I wear them so little but I'm about to chance that so.

I think the colors look pretty on me and they smell nice.

Let me know what you think about this collection and what you are going to buy or did maybe already buy!

xoxo, V.

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