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2 aug. 2010

Voorgoed van ongewenst haar af?

Hi peeps,
A couple of days ago I made my first appointment for a bikini laser session. I used to wax, I always chose the bikini wax, because I really hate hair down there.
I never shave, because I don't like the way the hair grows back. Its all bumpy and itchy, so I used go for a bikini wax.
Well, I guess some of you guys tried or still do go for the bikini wax, or shave. But the waxing is as you know painful, especially in the first couple of sessions. Later on you get used to the feeling and the hairs grow back so thin, the pain is less.
So I had my first appointment, I got called in the room, I had to fill in a form and I was asked what i wanted. The lady was so nice. I had to lay in the chair and show the area what I wanted to get done. First she made pictures, I think it's for the Before and After. You get to keep your undies on! Hahah, that's a plus for me already!
Than you get some gel on the bikini areas and than the lasering starts. 
I'm not going to lie to you guys! It does hurt, well hurt is a big word, I can explain it like this; first you feel a sting or tingle, right after that you feel a pinch, and thats that. The sting and pinch are heavier in the areas where you have more hair. the lower the laser goes (to the butt i mean!) the more it hurts.
She told me that the hurting gets less every other session.
I kinda enjoyed the pain, because every sting and pinch meant that one hair more got burned it's way to hell!
Maybe I like pain? I don't know. But I really recommend lasering.
The hair will stay away, it would grow back.

I deff recommend  this way of  bikini line laser hair removal, its easy, clean and on a longer period its less expensive than waxing and shaving.

But this way of hair removal isn't  recommended for all skin types and hair types.
The clinic i went to uses Ellipse equipment, it transmits a powerful ray of light with several golf lengths  which have the quality to transform the hairpigmentation (melanine) in the hair follicle into warmth. This transformation from pigmentation to warmth destroys the hair follicle, and no hair will ever grow from this follicle again! Your not done in one session, it takes about a couple of sessions, because hair grows in phases, not all the hair grows at the same time, so thats why you need more than one session.
Like i sad this way isnt recommended for all types of hair and skin types. reds and blonds have to try a different treatment; electric epilation, a thin needle get into the hairpocket and gives a very small electric shock to the pocket, this kills the pocket and than the hair is pulled out.
Im not going to deep into this way of hair removal. I wil post a link to which you can and read all the information. The link is in dutch.
Also people with dark skin are not recommended to do this type of hair removal. Laser targets the pigment (color) in hair, and the darker the better. However, a laser can't tell the difference between dark hair and dark skin, so it will also heat up dark skin. 
This can cause the skin color to change, and it can last for months. Ive seen pictures of people where the skin was so heavily burned, they will stay with scars for th rest of their lifes. So you really have to do some research, Don't go for the lowest price just because it sounds cheap. It's your skin! You don't want to look like a monster.

For the darker skinned types there are other ways of definite hair removal. So do you research!!!!!

I can really recommend Epilennium. They're situated in  Rotterdam and Maassluis.
All the information about the treatment and prices are available on their website.

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