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31 aug. 2010

Drugstore foundations

I always find it very hard to find myself a right foundation(color) in drugstores. But the other day I was in Etos and was looking at their own make-up brand. To my surprise I found a foundation that matched my skincolor, didn't feel and had a matte finish. I was so happy to find a foundation like that and the price was so cheap. Its not even €5,00. Its even cheaper. When I came home I tried it on immediately, it felt good on my skin, its not sticky or greasy looking. So I finally succeeded finding myself a drugstore foundation that soothes my skincolor and type. I still want to try out the Dream something from Maybeline. Etos has a good deal on this brand right now; all Maybeline foundations are now only €10,- each. So if your a Maybeline foundation fan or you want to try them out, now is your chance! While I was in the drugstore I took a peek at the Rimmel lipstick collection. I never bought anything from this brand, but I really LOVE their pink lipstick packaging! Its soooo lovely, and they have a wide assortiment of pink colors to choose from. And another thing I love about their lipstick is the smell, its so nice. It makes you wanna bite off your lips and eat them! Just don't do that haha! Well that's it for now. I'm uploading this blog via my phone, so that's why I didn't attach any pictures. But tomorrow is a brand new day and I will do it in the early morning. Ya'll have a nice one! xoxo, V.

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